Holiday Attire for the Dapper Gentleman


Looking good isn't just for the ladies this Holiday Season. How can you make yourself look dapper this festive season? Well it's easy - purchase a textured sports jacket, whether it be velvet, textured, or tweed. These jackets can be easily dressed up or down. If you want to dress up the sports jacket pair it with some tailored slacks - opt for something other than black this year & a patterned dress shirt. To dress your jacket down, pair with a nice pair of dark denim jeans (no rips) & a t-shirt to complement the jacket.

 Pair Your Sports Jacket With:

  • Dress pants or dark denim
  • Loafers
  • Patterned Dress Shirt or T-Shirt
  • Bow-Tie or Detailed Slim Tie
  • Belt

When wearing a sports jacket ensure you are tucking in your dress shirt or t-shirt for a more pulled together look. You don't need to look sloppy this holiday season.