Oh Christmas Tree...

Choosing the perfect Christmas Tree is always top priority during the holiday season. How do you choose between a real or fake tree? Is it space? Can you maintain a real tree? There are many factors to consider.

Living in a townhouse I find that having my 4ft. fake tree makes my holiday decorating very easy. My fake tree has lots of pizzaz...it's bright red, pre-strung lights, and multi coloured bulbs. The great thing about a fake tree is that it lasts for years - and you don't have to worry about getting rid of it at the end of the holiday season.

When searching Christmas trees I found some fabulous fake ones - options include feather white & pink tress, the classic Charlie Brown tree, multi-coloured tinsle trees, and the ultra trendy palm tree. The great thing about these fake trees is that you can choose one by your favourite colour, matches your home decor, and/or style. Canadian Tire, Michael's, Sears, and Urban Outfitters all have great fake tree options.

There is something magical about going out on a cold snowy night and hand picking your perfect tree with family and friends. Many people go this route as it is tradition and really kicks off the holiday season. There are many tree farms in the Toronto area or your local area where you can choose Canadian grown trees. I found a great website to help you with your search, how to care for your real tree, and any other information you might need. Click here to learn more about  your real Christmas Tree.