Style Question: Winter Fashion

Style Question: I need some help picking out some winter fashion; especially for the ski hill. I'm going on a ski trip and have absolutely no clue what to wear! I don't think I am going to ski, but still wnat to look good in the Chalet & keep warm too. Can you help?

The key to dressing for the ski hill is warmth. When thinking about what you need, think knits, oversized jackets, boots, hats, scarves, and mitts. Layering is always the best way to go about the transition from cold outdoors to the warmth of the chalet. 

Dress comfortably. Ideally, if you want to wear jeans, make sure they have some stretch and are bootcut or skinny style. By opting for those styles you can easily tuck them into boots and don't have to worry about them getting wet at the bottom causing cold feet. Leggings are always a good option too - they are stretchy and matched with an oversized knit and tall boots - you will look fashionably comfortable.

Be sure to have moisturizer for face & hands, lip balm, & a brush in your bag. 

I've pulled out a few key pieces that will make a trip to the ski hill a warm and fashionable one. Hopefully you will get some inspiration from the look I pulled.