Weddings: Where to Skimp?

Where to skimp?

Choosing where to skimp on your wedding will be different to everyone based on your very own individual needs, style & budget. In general I feel you can skimp in these areas:  

The Cake: I know this sounds crazy to some - but I feel like the cake is an overpriced accessory for the wedding - that is of course unless you are willing to serve it to the guests for dessert. If you DO feel a cake is necessary for your wedding - then make sure you utilize a professional - do not attempt to make your own cake. 


Flowers: Yes, flowers are a great decor option - but when purchasing flowers for your wedding be sure to buy in-season flowers & only what you need. A quick saving tip is to bring the flowers from the church to the reception where guests spend a majority of the time - you don't need seperate arrangements. Also, there are many  other great ideas for center pieces & decor beyond flowers - let your imagination drive you and prepare for a little DIY!


Meal Choices: Choosing a day time wedding over an evening wedding will save you huge dollars as the meal choices cost considerably less. Sticking to basic food choices like chicken, beef, salmon will keep your food budget lower - where as lobster & filet mignon will only drive your budget up. Choosing a buffet style wedding over a plated seated style will allow for savings in the budget.


Dress: I know - I can't believe Style By Lu is actually saying this - but it's true. I'm not saying you can't have the dress of your dreams - but what I am urging you to do is check out local boutiques & designers instead of just paying for the name on a dress from a super fancy designer (unless of course you have an endless budget!). There are many websites where you can purchase a fancy designer wedding gown; ebay, kijiji,, etc.  You can always choose an evening gown over an "offical wedding gown" and by doing so you will save a considerable amount of money!


Invitations: By ordering invitations online you can save a significant amount of money! Look for packages that include the save the date, invitations, return card, thank you cards, and even a website. Further to that, you can always do a little DIY - or look for a local vendor who is experienced and can do the DIY on your behalf.