Pajama Jeans...Really?

I recently received an email from a friend saying, “You must read this!” – so I did…unfortunately!

This particular email was regarding the new Pajama Jeans – my first thought when I read the article was, “oh I bet they are so comfy” – but soon realized that this is the worst fashion idea ever. Please – if I have taught you anything through this blog – DO NOT for any reason purchase these jeans! Jeggings fine – PJ jeans – NO!

Have we really gotten that lazy that we can’t even put on a nice pair of denim? Do we really not care about the image we portray? I’m sorry – but the fact that these pajama jeans are one size fits all – is your first red flag. No pair of jeans or body is made to fit one size fits all. Second red flag – you don’t need one…

To see more information about these awful pjs' - click here.

That is all!