The A-Line Dress

Closet space is precious real estate. Unless you are as fortunate as the girl on the Heineken commercial (best walk-in closet ever!)– your closet space is limited! I want to dedicate this post to an item of clothing that every stylish woman should have: THE A-LINE DRESS! When choosing the “go-to” little black dress (LBD) – opt for this style. You will never go wrong!

The A-line dress can work for you on your best & worst days, suitable for all occasions, all sorts of weather & seasons, & let’s not forget the fact that it flatters your figure; regardless of size, shape, etc.

The A-Line Dress was first created by Christian Dior in 1955 – a well known fashion icon. This style of dress remained popular in the 1960s (the must have dress), 70s, and disappeared a bit in the 80s and was revived in the 90s. The A-line dress is still going strong today due to the fact that it hides any imperfections you think you have.

When wearing your A-line dress in the winter, pair it with a fantastic pair of knee high boots or ballerina flats, patterned or solid tights, and bold accessories. In the summer, trade in the boots for sandals (flat ones) and take of the tights.

Here are some A-Line dresses for today's fashionista:

Designer: DKNY

 Designer: Kate Spade

Designer: Tahari


Designer: Vanessa Bruno


Designer: Missoni