Two Birds - One Dress with Over 15 Ways to Wrap It!

When getting married, there are tons of decisions that you have to make, and they should always relate back to your budget and style.  When opting to participate in your best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid, your wallet empties almost immediately with the parties, dresses, and spa days, and although every bridesmaid hopes that the bride will pick a dress that they can “ACTUALLY” wear again, we all know how often that happens. Personally, I hate wearing the same dress twice – especially a dress I choose for a wedding, and was so excited when I found Two Birds Bridesmaids.

At Two Birds you select your style of dress (3 to choose from), choose your length, & then select your colour (20 colours to choose from & they range from Black – Blush), and there are three simple steps to getting a dress you can wear 15 different ways. There is more…the classic dress is maternity friendly & bandeau friendly (bonus!), only two sizes to choose from (0-14 & 16-24), no alterations needed, it does not cling to the body, and you can put it in a carry-on and the wrinkles will fall right out after.

This seems to be a dream & solves a huge problem. Each of your bridesmaids has their own individual style & they are all different shapes and sizes. This dress helps address those key points. Further to that, the bride on the other hand wants to have consistency in the dresses for pictures & overall style of the wedding – and wants each of her bridesmaids to look and feel beautiful too.

The dress is made from nylon/jersey/spandex blend and is hand washable (saving dollars on the dry cleaning bill!) + no alterations are needed (even more savings!). The costs of the dress’ vary depending on the style & length – They range from $270 - $1,400 depending on the different options that you choose.  To consider this an option for your wedding you need to make an appointment with Two Birds in Toronto (927 Queen St. W – Upper Suite) & select your perfect dress and you will have it in no longer than 10 weeks!

Here are 2 of the 3 options:


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