Style Question: Denim Jackets

Style Question: I just bought a denim jacket & I'm unsure how to wear it? (submitted via Stylebylu Website)


Denim Jackets - not just for hipsters hitting the Queen West Streets & Bars - these jackets are going to over take the boyfriend blazer for 2011 Spring & Summer Season.

So what are the options when it comes to denim jackets? Well, vintage is always a great way to go & an affordable one. They usually are distressed, unique & have a variety of shapes/sizes/colours.

What style is "really in"? I would go for a fitted cropped version - this is perfectly paired with a long jersey dress, short flowy girly dress, shorts (jeans shorts too), a mini skirt, leggings, or even skinny jeans. As you can see there are many options to wear with your jean jacket.

From the pictures above the accessory of choice is an oversized scarf layered over the denim jacket. For shoes you can opt for the short motorcycle boot, gladiators, flip flops, or even ballet flats.

The options are really endless - think about what you would pair with a pair of jeans - and the same philosophy goes.

Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, Nicky Hilton & Nicole Richie are very fashion forward ladies - look at their style in the pictures & be inspired!