Dressing Stylish for the Office





Dressing for the office can be difficult today - often the latest trends are what we want to be wearing - but to the office could be inappropriate & cheapen your business image. You need to set your own standard of rules & guidelines regarding what is appropriate for the office, and what is not.

I took some pictures of my best friend Delainie above; she always dresses perfect for work. She incorporates function, style, and appropriateness. I wanted to show you that you can still look amazing for the office without showing too much skin.

Do NOT wear strapless tops, sheer clothing (that shows your bra), short skirts, etc. to the office. Opt for a professional business look that complements your style & is acceptable. Stick to blouses, dress pants, and blazers, or a sundress (knee length - you aren't going to the beach!) with heels (never flip flops!).

If you have any questions about dressing for the office - send them my way and I will help to answer!