Jeffrey Campbell Shoes for the Wedding


Today I bought my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes. So exciting! These booties fit like a glove (not sure if that saying applies here! haha), the presentation of the shoes in the box was smart, and I loved the check list on how to become a JC Girl.

Here is the list:

  1. Remove your new JC purchase from this box.
  2. Place your new favorite shoes on your feet.
  3. Take a second to enjoy this moment. (this is a great moment)
  4. Prepare a photoshoot of yourself in your new shoes (this will happen Saturday at the wedding!)
  5. Become the supermodel your mother always said you were, if even just for a moment (oh gawd - but yeah I'll do it!)
  6. Say "Cheese."
  7. Send your favorite photo to:
  8. Wait a day or two.
  9. Check our site for your debut as a JC girl under the "JC Girls" tab!

This is probably my most exciting purchase lately - I'm not sure if it is because I'm tired of all my shoes at home, if it's because they work perfectly with my dress for Saturday, or because they are Jeffrey Campbell. Who knows, who cares - I got NEW shoes! hahaha

Stay tuned for pics of the whole ensemble!