Will you be my bridesmaid?

A little wedding update for you. What's been happening? Well, I picked a venue & paid the deposit - so that is booked! Exciting! Right now, I'm trying to find the perfect photographer - I think I have one really strong lead - but waiting to hear back on pricing. One thing I have noticed with wedding planning is that things can get really out of hand really quick with regards to costs, expectations, and wants vs. needs. I think I've been doing a great job keeping things in check and in perspective. Two really important things to focus on when planning.

We have an engagement party coming up - YEAH! That should be fun with our friends & family. My mom seems to be all over that & have it under control. She's been so great!

In other news, this past weekend I invited all my bridesmaids - except those far away to join me for my first ever wedding dress shopping experience. Honestly, the first experience was not at all what I thought it was going to be - but I am still hopeful. I will dedicate a whole post on picking a venue, photographer, and dress shopping separately - as I have a lot of advice to share when it comes to these wedding planning tasks.

Back to the bridesmaids - I am lucky to have some amazing ladies in my life and wanted to ask them to be part of my special day (year!) in a fun and unique way. I worked with an amazing jewellry shop in Toronto called Anice Jewellry where we designed custom vintage bracelets for my ladies. Each bracelet was different, but all included a pearl, swarovski crystal, silver chain, and a unique purple or white stone. On top of the bracelet I also gave them custom notebooks designed by We Create Hoopla. In each notebook I wrote a special note to all my bridesmaids & asked them to be my bridesmaids. It was such an exciting day & probably have one of the best line-up of ladies!

Thanks Delainie, Sarah, Kristen, Cass, Celeste, Allison & Christine for being the best friends a girl could ask for and giving up a year to deal with your new friend ZILLA!