The key to beautiful a skin

I've always considered myself someone with troubled skin. I get cursed by black heads, zits, and often can't seem to keep my face balanced and under control. I've tried hundreds of products and nothing seemed to work. They either dried out my face, made my skin red, or had the reverse effect they were supposed to. 

Face and skin care is very important - and I am happy to say I am now a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I even add in some exfoliating too! I am so thankful that Jacob & Sebastian exists in Toronto - because Joel (the owner) is very knowledgeable about face and skin care and introduced me to all the products above. 

Since I've been religiously using all the products above I am getting complements on my skin. Seriously, people have noticed the changes and I have too. I rarely get a break out, my pores are pretty much non-existent and my skin has gotten brighter. I've also converted a bunch of friends and they are experiencing the same results as I have.

Here is my regime:

Every morning:

I start by washing my face with the enzyme cleansing gel, then use a cotton pad to apply the aloe lotion to my face, then apply the oil-free moisturizer (let this set) and finish off with ceramide herbal eye cream.

Every evening:

I alternate between the enzyme cleansing gel & the Paul & Joe Facial Gommage (exfoliater) to wash my face, then use a cotton pad to apply the aloe lotion to my face and then finish off with either oil-free moisturizer or the Vitamin C Serum (this product is so amazing - all I can say is, BUY IT!).

Every day I use the MOR Basil & Grape body scrub. This scrub leaves your body so soft - but is gentle enough to be used daily.

Side note: At my engagement party I wore a tank top and every time someone brushed my arm from a hug or what not - they couldn't believe how SOFT my skin was & it's all because of this body scrub!)

To protect my face and body from the effects of the sun - I use COOLA products. They are mineral based and organic. They leave your skin feeling great, oil free, and protected when in the sun. These two products aren't cheap - but well worth it! 

There you have it folks! I have now told you my beauty secrets and the key to flawless skin. 

If you want to get on the bright clear skin bandwagon - go visit Joel at Jacob & Sebastian. He as two locations, one in the Distillery District & one at Queen & Bathurst