{Tips} How to dress for this weather?

This unpredictable weather we are experiencing lately makes dressing a major challenge. I don’t know about you - but when we had that super hot week - I put away all my whoolies and brought out my maxi dresses, flip flops, jean shorts, and started stocking up my summer wardrobe. Then snow happened, only +4 weather, and lots and lots of rain with a very chilly wind. So how is one supposed to approach dressing for this weather? Do you keep your winter jacket out or put it in storage? Do you wear boots or can you get away with shoes? Do you still wear tights or go bare leg? These are questions we are debating each day when we dress. We all want it to be summer, but mother nature is playing tricks on us and we need to be prepared for whatever weather she throws our way. So what can women wear for this time of year that will be comfortable, practical, and fashionable?

 The best advice that I can give you is: LAYERING. Layer, layer, and layer some more. Seriously. Either way, layering makes sure you are appropriately dressed in any temperature; you can add or take off a layer at any moment. 

 Here are some tips on how to dress:

 A tank top is the best first layering piece. If tanks aren’t really your thing, opt for a three quarter length sleeve t-shirt. Over the tank or T-shirt, do wear a light weight cardigan or sweater to bare the cold winds that we are experiencing. Don’t forget we are layering here! Next, get yourself a solid Spring Jacket. Put that winter jacket AWAY!  What type of Spring jacket is the best? Well, denim jackets, trench coats, or cotton jackets are all solid options. Also, look for a Spring jacket that has a removable lining - this allows you to remove the lining should one day be hotter than another.

 Scarves are the best accessory. Not only do they look really good - but they also keep us warm. Should winds pick up scarves can be wrapped around our head to ward off that chilly breeze, or if unexpected rain comes - they protect our hair from getting drenched when you don’t have your friend the umbrella near by. 

Wear loafers with patterned socks. You can find some amazing patterned socks today that can look professional for work or casual. It adds a punch of style to your look. The more practical application, if the weather gets too hot you can remove your socks and just wear your loafers with bare feet. Making you cooler.  Pair your loafers with a skinny pant that cuts at the ankle for a more contemporary look. When the weather warms by late afternoon you could swap out your loafer with a wedge sandal (I’m sure you keep an extra pair of shoes in your desk at work! If not, you should!). Opt for jeans or pants with a thicker material. Avoid lightweight linens or cottons. Do not start wearing capris, shorts, or mini skirts. If you want to wear a skirt, wear a maxi skirt or if you want to wear a dress wear a maxi dress paired with a blazer. 

Yes, you can wear tights, but opt for sheer. Instead of wearing opague tights - go for a sheer tight that has a pattern on it or if you prefere you can wear no pattern. This way should the weather get hot you won’t over heat. The opague ones are thicker in nature. 

Just remember that the key is layering. Layer with what you got! Luckily, the style right now is not matchy matchy, so it’s okay to mix pattern with pattern, a dressy coat with a more casual look what you want to do right now with this weather is to stay warm or cool, or at least be prepared for either!