{Cottage Attire} The Canadian Girl's Survival Guide: Part 1

May 2-4 is just around the corner, many of us are making plans on how we can party & cottage the weekend away. I go complete comfy when I cottage - but I like my comfy gear to look great and fashionable. There are many variations of what to pack for a cottage or camping weekend - but I thought I would go through the basics with you!

Before I go through the basics, one thing you need to remember is to LAYER! Yes, be prepared for any weather. We have had May 2-4's where it snowed, rained all weekend, or was blistering hot. Be prepared and layer.

Ok, now on to the basics:

  1. Sweaters. Bring them. Lots of them.
  2. Rain jacket. You need it - I know we all pray for sun - but sometimes mother nature fools us.
  3. Tanks. Make them cute - just cause you are rough'in it - doesn't mean you can't look cute doing it.
  4. T-shirts. Lots of them. I don't know about you - but I like to be able to switch it up. If you change your outfit from day to night - you are always warmer. Never stay in the same thing all day.
  5. Rough'in it gear. Ok, this vest is AMAZE and super bright - I like to shop at the hunting or hard core camping sections of stores and sport some of their gear. Guaranteed to bring some laughs. 
  6. Work socks. I shouldn't have to explain this one. They are warm, necessary, and cheap. Get them.
  7. Jean shorts. New, vintage, whatever. You need shorts. Make them cute, why not right?
  8. Back pack or fanny pack (i love my fanny packs!). This is great for daytime hikes, keeping your goods near on the long car ride (snacks, music, book, iPad, you know, your necessities), etc.
  9. Leggings. These are the ultimate for layering. I always layer leggings under my man trackies to keep super warm by the bonfire in the evening. They also help ward off mosquitoes - harder for them to make it through two layers of clothes.
  10. Bathing suits. Forget skimpy here ladies if you plan on water skiing, tubing, or frolicing. You need support and coverage. Who knows where you weekend may bring you.
  11. Sunscreen. Even if the sun isn't out - cover up. Burning will make you more tired in the eve - no body likes a party pooper.
  12. Bathing suit bottoms - choose one without ties on the side. The ties are guaranteed to come undone and fly off when participating in water sports, etc. Go for a more secure bottom.
  13. Bug spray. Whichever kind you like. I hate mosquitoes. I like to have my own bottle on me at all times.
  14. Flip flops. Havianas are not only comfy - but look great too!
  15. Birks. I'm not into tying shoes or what not at the cottage. I want something that is easy to slip on and off & that fits my work socks. Crocks are another great shoe options (but not as cool!).

So that's part 1 of your cottage packing list...I got more in store for you next week :)

Happy cottaging!

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