{In the home} Art can make an impact

This past weekend I spent some lovely time with my family. My parents have the cutest and best laid out house. My mom & dad have been actively updating their home and finding unique items here and there to really pull it all together. 

When walking into the entrance way I realized, my mom too, that the art they had on the wall was really not BIG enough and lacked the "wow" factor it needed.

Here is the entrance before:

After realizing that this picture didn't have the impact, colour, and scale that was needed in my parents entranceway, my mom and I headed out to some markets in search for the perfect art piece.

Check out this amazing painting we found:

And now check out the after:

Some things I learned about making an impact in an entranceway and when buying art:


  • Map out the size you would need prior to buying a piece of art. 
  • Understand what kind of statment you want to make - colourful, size, personality, etc.
  • What you want to spend.
  • Look at all the other elements in the space and make sure you get something that coordinates.
  • Take your time and don't rush into buying a piece just to have something there. Wait until you find the perfect piece.


Overall, I think this piece we found for only $169.00 was the perfect art piece to complete my parents entranceway. When we saw it, we knew we needed to have it! Scouring flea markets can really help you get something for a room without having to always pay a hefty price tag.