{Happy Birthday} To The Hudson's Bay Company

I want to start off by saying, Happy 342nd Birthday to The Hudson's Bay Company. I have to admit - I am a stripes junky, HBC stripes that is. I'm obsessed. To celebrate their birthday I wanted to pick my favourite 10 items from their HBC collection:

This blanket is on my bed at the cottage & not only is it decorative, but super warm!I have 2 of these towels at the cottage & they the best towels I have ever used. Seriously. I have them hanging on hooks in my bedroom at the cottage as decor.Obviously, my future baby needs this Kway jacket!My go-to baby gift for mother's to be. It's a great addition paired with an HBC baby blanket.This tote is perfect for carrying your extra pair of shoes, your lunch, for a shopping day, or a day at the beach!Hey, if my future baby gets stripes, so does my dog, right?Okay, it's not really stripes, but it's such an elegant scarf!cashmere.robe.enough.said.This jacket is ON SALE NOW manfriendships - get it for next year!So cute & chic.Happy Birthday!