{GIRLS} The Best & My NEW Obsession...

I absolutely love off this show, GIRLS! If you haven't watched it yet, get on it! Seriously. It is the NEW - and I think better Sex And The City! The show airs on Sunday evenings and focuses on a group of 20-something women in New York and all their frolicing. The four girls try to figure out what they want – from life, from boys, from themselves and each other. The answers aren’t always clear or easy, but the search is profoundly relatable and infinitely amusing. 

I don't know if it is the indie vintage fashions - the crisp uber stylish fashion, or the unique conversations or topics that draws me to this show. Nonetheless, I love it!

My favourite character is Jessa - she is my absolute fave. Her fashion sense is the perfect vintage mix. I love the softness that vintage brings to any look. In the most recent episode she wore a feather frock that was out of this world. Agree?

So, since these 4 seem to resemble characters from SATC - who is who? Here are my guesses:

Hannah - Carrie

Jessa - Samantha

Shoshanna - Charlotte

Marnie - Miranda

Obviously, the characters from GIRLS, are very different than the SATC characters - but you can definitely see resemblances and instances where you can imagine a similar episode from SATC.

Do you agree with my SATC vs. GIRLS match-ups?

HBO better not stop this show, like they did for How to Make it in America! I'd be so upset! Who's with me?