{Styled} Daniela in Joe Fresh

Daniela is a friend of mine from my hometown of Guelph, Ontario. She is a very talented photographer and you can learn all about that, here

Daniela tweeted at me yesterday, showing all her goods she picked up at Joe Fresh for only $80.00. I urged her to take picks in her awesome finds, so that I could see the outfits! I love that she opted for orange jeans; the colour of this Spring/Summer. Orange is great against her skin tone. The outfits she picked really bring out her bright and shiny personality!

The striped shirt & organge jeans would be perfect for a casual work environment or casual Friday look. The tank top version of the outfit would be great for hanging with friends, shopping, or brunching on the weekend. To finish off the outfit I would pair with a long gold necklace and a tan clutch. I would also keep a cardigan handy for cold evenings. 

At Joe Fresh, for $80.00, Daniela got the: 

  • Jeans
  • Tank
  • Mid Sleeve Shirt
  • Jean Shorts (not in the photos)

Looking like a million bucks - doesn't need to cost a million bucks. Her outfits look amazing for her body, personality, and shape. 

Her shoe loveships:

  • The black shoes are from Town Shoes & only $120.00
  • The runners are Roxy (super cute!) & $40!

If you find some hot deals, or a smok'in outfit - please share with me! I'd love to feature you here!

Happy Shopping this Weekend Friendships!