{Wedding Wednesday} 'Tis the season

Wedding season is upon us. When thinking about wedding season - most guests start thinking about their bank account and how weddings can quickly drain any extra money that they do have.  Depending on how well you know the bride or groom - there is more than just the wedding to attend - there is the:

1. Engagement Party

2. Bridal Shower

3. Wedding

Those are the top 3 events that require proper attire and for you to look your best. Looking your best doesn't have to break the bank. Each of the three events listed above requires a guest to bring a gift with costs ranging anywhere from $50 - $250 dollars depending on the nature of the event. This really puts a damper on your budget for attire.

Lucky for you, I am here to help guide you on your wedding journey this Spring/Summer. The three dresses pictured above will cost you under $175.00 - that's right people - so affordable, right?  Thanks to H&M you can look fabulous and buy something NEW for any occasion you have to go to! If you are like me, and hate wearing the same dress twice - this is the perfect option for your multiple wedding/event summer. All three dresses above could be paired with nude shoes - done! Outfit. Bam. Within budget. 

When attending a wedding or it's associated events you want to wear a dress in a pretty colour or with details that make it pop. Make sure you refer to the invitation, consider the venue, time of day, venue, etc. when looking at what to wear to ensure you dress appropriately. What to avoid wearing? White, cream, off-white or anything related to those colours. It's not your turn to stand out - so avoid doing so. It's the bride's time to shine - so let her!