{Beautiful} Engagement Shoot

Lynsay and I met when we were taking a course togther at the University of Guelph called, Market Milk. We've both followed the happenings in eachother's lives through Facebook since then - kinda embarassing to admit! haha

I saw that Lynsay had posted her photos from her engagment shoot on Facebook - and quickly began to browse the pictures since I love everything wedding. I usually don't like engagment shoots though - the only aspect about weddings that I don't LOVE. I just feel like they are very unnatural & ackward. BUT...Lynsay's engagment shoot was everything but that. It was NATURAL and very enchanting. Yes, enchanting. The pictures are stunning, the photographer was able to capture the happiness and the "LOVE" from the couple, and I like that they have a very relaxed and comfortable vibe. 

More on the happy couple...

Matt and Lynsay met at the University of Guelph in first year in residence through mutual friends. It wasn't until after undergrad that they started dating and have been together for five years. The couple is getting married September 1st of this year. Currently, they live in Calgary  and moved out there for work. Lynsay is a Marketing Specialist for a dairy genetics company and Matt is a lawyer.

The wedding is going to be held in Ontario which means a lot of the planning has taken place online with the help of two very involved mothers. The couple is getting married at the brides church in London, Ontario and the reception will take place in Thorndale at Purple Hill Country Hall. The wedding theme is country, which is very appropriate since they both grew up in the country, live in the West, and work in agriculture. 

The photographs above were taken by This Moment Forever and the pictures were taken at Pinecroft in Alymer, Ontario. 

Congratulations to both Lynsay & Matt! Wishing you the best wedding day & can't wait to see how all your DIY planning comes together!