{Vaca} Taking Photos & Making Memories

Back from vacation now and pretending I'm still away by flipping through the photos from it. 

I am a bit of a photo fanatic - I am constantly snapping shots of food, buildings, friends, and interesting things that catch my eye. Often times, I take photos, maybe upload it to my blog, or I just save it to my external hard drive until I decide to look or do something with the photos later.

During this vacation, I took a ton of pics with my iPhone and while catching up with at Pinterest today - I found printstagram - a way to print off my instagram photos. Genious. No one seems to make photo albums any more - I used to all the time. I am excited that I can now do more with  my instagram pics.  I plan on making a mini book and a poster to frame of my trip to San Fran, Napa, the drive from San Fran to LA, and the end of the trip in Manhattan Beach! 

Just thought I would share this new "techie" gem!