{Summer} What are you doing to beat the heat?

Wow! Hellooooo summer! I welcome the heat, the sunshine, and patio drinks! Who isn't excited for this warm weather for cottage times, picnics, dining on patios, frolicing with friends, and pool parties?

What do you do to keep cool in the summer? Well, I trek each weekend to the cottage for some R&R, friendship times, and some family times too! I enjoy swiminng and floating around on the lake. The cottage is always most fun when friends & family are present - I love to entertain and cook - so the cottage is the perfect destination for this. 

How do you dress with the heat? I opt for flowy dresses, white, and basically anything that isn't too tight and allows my body to breathe. I always carry sunscreen in my purse for outdoor lunches, fascial wipes to fix or clean my face, lip balm, a bottle of water and powder. I try to keep my purse light, my clothes light, and my eats light. Anything heavy just seems too much in this heat!

Keep cool in the heat!