{Its True} I love to DIY

Okay, since I have been travelling & the weather has been so nice I haven't taken the time I would like to DIY! So, besides the super fun and awesome project I have planned for this weekend; here are my top 5 DIY that are going to get done in the next couple weeks...

My living room really needs this!

Some special birthday are coming up that this garland would be perfect for!

I have to white lamp shades in my room that are waiting to be jazzed up!Perfect for home & the cottage - I'm thinking of adding NEON!

This one has been on my list forever - but it will happy! My camera needs some lov'in too!Wish me luck! I gotta buckle down and get my DIY On. Wait til you see what I'm making this weekend - and I'll be making 2 and giving away a set on the blog (pending they turn out AMAZE!).

Happy Weekend Friendships!