{What We Wore Yesterday} To Origin in Liberty Village

I always find it amazing how easy it is to take a look from day to night. The easiest way to upgrade your outfit is to change from flats to heels as you can see in the picture above. It takes you from chic to uber chic quite quickly. What I would have added to my night look would be a gold necklace that rested right at the collarbone and would have tamed my mane a bit with a bobbi pin or two!

Ryan didn't wear this outfit to Origin - but it's what he wore to work yesterday. He works in a very professional atmosphere so he needs to always be looking dapper. It is important that if he isn't wearing a blazer he is at least wearing a tie. Since this season's biggest trend is pattern on pattern - embrace it with your shirt and tie!

Quick rule of thumb for the males:

Tie = you can get away with no blazer

No Tie = you must wear a blazer

All day yesterday it felt like it was going to rain - but it held off! Just a few sprinkles during dinner. This is what my friend Del wore to dinner last night (she was prepared for rain with her trench). I stuck to a strick black & white outfit - and she embraced a beautiful coral dress and nude shoes. Absolutely beauty outfit. Her Michael Kors bag was a nice touch and addition to the outfit. 

So dinner at the new Origin in Liberty Village - I wasn't entirely impressed. I'm not sure if it is because I ate so much delicious food in San Fran, Napa, & LA - but it just didn't do it for me. The above 3 pics are what we all thought were the best options on the menu: Spicy Fries, Tostada, & the Beet Salad. Would I go again? Probably, I mean it's pretty much in my backyard and their patio is fantastic! They also serve brunch - so I'm hoping to try that out and let them redeem themselves! One word of caution, if you choose still water (which I assumed was Tap) - they make you pay for the water. Had no idea. No a huge offense - but felt the server could have let us know that. I mean - I would have rather been paying for wine vs. water!