{Happy Canada Day} EH

This weekend I'm heading to Whiskey Pines to celebrate a long weekend & Canada's Bday! Last weekend we bought a boat - so I'm super excited to be out on the water all weekend and touring around the lake! Smore's are my absolute favourite thing & what a better place to enjoy then at the cottage. 

Here's my secret to the best Smore's ever:

Graham Crackers


Caramilk Bars 

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how to make them - but there you have it - the Caramilk is what makes my smores the best EVER!

Here are some other fun Canada Day ideas for you and your family or friendships:

Looking for some fun drinks for you & your friendships? Check out this festive shooter idea!

It wouldn't be Canada without the beav! How cute are these cupcakes?

A fun activity to do with the kidlets this wknd & very festive!Who doesn't love cake? Make one for the best country Canada!

Cheers to the long weekend, to summer, beauty weather, and to Canada!

Have a fun & safe weekend!