Vintage Glam Prom Styles

Mimi is always in a league of her own - and is such a vintage lover at heart! She did not want to be like everyone else at prom spending loads on a dress just for the sake of it. One girl went as far as to spend $1000 on just the dress for prom - wowza! 

Mimi had every era going on in this look - lets take a trip...

50's - the fascinator

60's - voluptuous hair

70's - no bra

80's - the dress

90's - gothic make-up

2012 - the shoes

Here is the cost breakdown of Mimi and her vintage prom fashion:

Dress $9.99 - Value Village

Facinator $10.00 - Las Vegas Shop

Hair $20.00 - Local Hair Salon in the Valley

Shoes $140.00 - Town Shoes

Make-Up Nada - was ALL her!

Mimi is the perfect example of how you do NOT have to spend a ton to look like a MILLION bucks! 

What did you wear to your prom?