{Dreaming} 5 things I'd like in my dream home

Living in a condo in Toronto makes me think often about my next home, my future dream home, basically about space! I love to entertain, cook, and would love to some day be organized. The lack of linen closets, dining room or table, and decent sized anything - is why I dream of space and a dream home with all the fixings. Luckily, I have a lake house that I escape to on the weekend where I can get my relaxation, entertaining, and DIY on.

The top 5 things I would want in my dream home or next home would be:

1. A basement with bar, pool table, and uber comfy media center to hang with friends
2. An organized entranceway
3. Rounded doors and hallways
4. A massive walk-in closet
5. A fireplace in the kitchen

What do you dream for in your next place or dream home?