{Fashion Friday} Chloe Sevigny For MIU MIU's Fall Campaign

Chloe is definitely a style maven and definitely beautiful. Miu Miu is lucky to have her as the face for their Fall Campaign. This isn't her first time with this type of gig - Chloe back in 1996 was the face of the brand for their Spring/Summer Campaign.

Chloe has such great style - and the videos below let you look into her closet and fall in love with some of her favourite pieces. The videos show her real eclectic style & fashion sense. She is a fashion force and one to watch for inspiration for sure.

Have fun taking a looksy in her closet!

Have a very happy & fashionable weekend! Celebrating the momski's bday with some beautiful DIY decor, lovely homemade dinner, and of course it is being hosted at the one and only Whiskey Pines!

Cheers to the weekend!

Video's from: Opening Ceremony