{What He Wore} Top Notch Look

A Little Bit About Jodee:

He is such spiffy dresser.

Jodee is the Co-owner of Pretty Freedom, a second chanced clothing store & gift shop in Kensington Market. He is a lover of everything local and has a deep passion for all things vintage. He has a flare for what looks good and has his own very unique style. 

Check out {what he wore} on Friday:

Vintage Sunglasses - Dalston Grey 

 Shorts - Muttonhead Co.

 Shoes - Pretty Freedom

 Button Up - Banana Republic

A little bit about Dalston Grey:

Each piece, vintage and contemporary is carefully chosen by owner Leah Gust. Her mission is to find contemporary and vintage fashions to suit the fashion forward set. Dalston Grey is location on Dundas St. W. in downtown Toronto.

A little bit about Muttonhead:

All garments are designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Manufacturing locally allows Muttonhead to fully control quality and guarantee sweatshop free, fair trade and ethical practices.
Sustainability is an inherent aspect of the Muttonhead brand. We seek to make garments that will last season after season by designing classic silhouettes and quality construction that will stand the test of time. Muttonhead also makes use of a variety of natural and sustainable fabrics, such as recycled hemp, organic cotton twill, recycled knit, and tencel.