{Biz Casual} This summer's edition

{Blazer} H&M {T-Shirt/Pants} TNT Fashion Hazelton Lanes

 Often times my clients ask me, "What really is business casual?" The easiest answer is that there is no real answer. Dress codes for organizations are so different depending on where you work, the industry, and what your manager deems appropriate or not.

When assessing what appropriate work attire is, first ask if their is a dress code policy for your office, read it, then follow it. Second way is to look around at what other employees are wearing and if you like it use that as your guide. Thirdly, just ask around until you get a clear understanding of how you should be dressing.
I like to have fun with business casual attire when styling clients. I like to take the traditional sense of dress pants and blazer - but add my own creative spin on it. Adopting the trend of pattern pants is a definite hit for this summer and moving into Fall. Also, swap out your classic dress shirt for your favourite vintage tee or rock t-shirt. Lastly, flats are so boring - raise yourself up with sky high heels. You will stand taller, look more put together, and hey you will feel beautiful all day long.