{Rainy Days} Should still be fun

We've been so lucky this summer - pretty much no rain and only sunshine and heat! Today we were treated with a tried and true rainy day in Toronto- but I kinda liked the weather.

The air was warm, the drops felt cool, and I even opted to not use my umbrella? Who doesn't like to be silly and run in the rain? 

5 Tips for staying stylish in the rain:

  • A trench - pick a bright colour so you can pop on dreary days.
  • Rubber boots - so many designers are making super cute & functional rubber boots. Get a pair that would work for a majority of your outfits.
  • A bubble umbrella - no body likes to carry an umbrella, but a bubble umbrella keeps things fashionable and functional.
  • Keep it short - wear shorts, skirts, or capris to protect your carmets from the splash of walking in the rain.
  • Don't wear white - this doesn't need an explanation does it?

This weekend the forecast isn't looking so hot - but still have fun and enjoy yourself!