{Wedding Inspiration} Details I love...

At times I will let myself envision my big day and think about what I would want. I do know that I want to have like 5 weddings, but one of them would have to be: a "Beautiful Rustic Glam Wedding" - there I said it.

It would include:

Lots of lights - strings of lights, candles, and lanterns everywhere! I want to create ambiance.

Vintage charm - I like the idea of mixing and matching textures, patterns, and decor. When I saw this picture of the ceremony set-up with every chair being different - I...FELL...IN...LOVE! Such an awesome idea. What makes this even better is that I would get to source, pick, and scour to find the best vintage chairs for my cherished guests!

Rustic Atmosphere - Lots of wood & a set of two long dining tables is my ideal dinner set up. What would make the dinner even better would be to have everyone break out in song like the movie "My Best Friends Wedding".

(thanks Marcey for the inspo link today)

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