{Menswear Trend} Fur

I've been dedicating a lot of my blog to prepping the ladies wardrobe for Fall - but wanted to spend some time prepping the male friendships this week. Each day I will be writing about trends in Mens Fall 2012 fashions. Today's post is all about the man-fur. The question I have for you is - will you be man enough to add it to your wardrobe for Fall? Ladies, will you buy that special man in your life a piece of fur for them to add to their wardrobe?

On the European runways fur was used on hats, coat trims, cardigan trims, and entire coats. In the above pictures you can see that there is a way to add fur to your wardrobe that suits just about any taste. You can either go all the way with the fur or just add subtle hints here and there. It's really how you add it to your wardrobe and your style sense that will make all the difference.

I personally think that an entire fur coat might be a bit much - so I say when adding to your Fall/Winter wardrobe opt for fur trims, hats, gloves, and maybe even briefcases or overnight bags. 

So - you feeling the fur?

Images from: NYMAG.COM