{Shake It} Vintage Fringe Dress

When filming my video at Pretty Freedom I decided I wanted to play with all of their awesome vintage clothes. It started out as a Pretty Women inspired ending & somewhat of a fun silly time - until I fell in love with this dress. It was one of those dresses that you see and think, if it were another colour it would be nicer, I bet it fits awful, and it's probably just not comfortable. Then...you put it on and it's AMAZING. I image wearing this dress to a fun summer glam party, heck take it into winter and dress it up for a fun festive evening, or it could be that "just because dress". When you put it on - you can't help but shake that fringe. Seriously. That's all I did over and over again for the camera. 

What I learned was this - most unexpected garments turn out to fit and look the best. Don't be afraid to try things on - the worse outcome could be a good laugh and you hang it back up. Best case scenario you end up with an awesome item that will be the perfect match for your closet.

Wishing you lots of unexpected shopping success.

I can't wait for you to see me dancing around in this number in my bare feet. You will laugh - that's a guarantee.