{KATE SPADE} It's all in the BABY bag!

Did you know that Kate Spade makes the cutest baby bags?

This post started out to be about the perfect weekender bag - until I fell in love with all these bags for fashionable moms with babies.

Often times when you see a mom and her bebe in the mall, on the street, or at a resto she has lots of stuff - gear if you will - thrown into a generic bag or backpack that really doesn't do any real fashionista now mom justice - so I say why not put all the goods inside a stylish bag. One that represents you - your style & taste.

If you need convincing to justify the purchase- calculate the cost per wear on this item. Not feeling like doing the math? Let me help you - It's worth it!  You will look good, feel good, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice your love for fashion and style when a little one comes along. 

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