{Design Love} For the homeship...

I'm not one for cookie cutter style, design, fashion or homes. Right now, living in Toronto, I live in a condo - it's cookie cutter. In order to make it my own - I've opted to add some design elements that are vintage, rustic, and add a little charm. 

I've been on the house hunt - for a non cookie cutter home that is - and have been pinning many cool space decorating ideas on pinterest like whoa (you can check out my board, here). When I think about my next home or even when dressing - I look for interesting details that make a home special or an outfit for that matter.

From the pictures above I'm sure you can tell immediately what drew me to them - the shower door in the first photo is unreal, the cozy warm rustic charm of the bed in the second photo makes you want to curl up and read a book all afternoon, round door ways or hall ways are my dream, and lastly, bay windows offer a little nook for friendship seating and grown-up conversations. 

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