{Thanksgiving} It's harvest time...

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I felt inspired to design a custom lakeside table for our guests this upcoming weekend at Whiskey Pines. I love rustic charm - so I added elements that lead to this look - vintage wine glasses & plates, freshly cut wooden disks, fallen leaves around the cottage & pine cones, old beer bottles & vintage bottles, and lace to finish it all off!

I don't like holiday meals to feel the same as every other meal. I like them to feel special. I see it as a well designed and styled life is just as important as your wardrobe & closet!

Here are a few links to the recipes I plan on making for the holidays:

Appetizer: Hot Caprese Dip

Another Appetizer: Sweet & Sour Turkey Meatballs 

Sweets for the kiddies: Halloween Mummy Cookies

Some sweets for the adults: Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes

I leave the rest of the cooking up to the famjam - as I feel they are the professionals! 

What are you cooking for the holiday? Share some recipes!