{Wedding Wednesday} The Dress

I would have to say that in my experience choosing the wedding dress is probably the best part of wedding planning. And by choosing I mean going on Pinterest and repinning dresses I like. I don't plan on actually shopping for the dress until much later as we (Parky & I) want to enjoy being engaged first.

I'm probably super biased as I love to shop, try on clothes, and know what I like. Now that I am engaged this is what I find myself thinking about most. What fabrics do I like, look, details, season, etc. I feel that once I nail what I want to wear and the theme of my dress - everything else will fall into place. Everyone keeps asking me for a date & I keep thinking what am I going to wear, what store will I buy it from, how much do I want to spend, who will I bring with me, etc. etc. etc.

So far I'm thinking sparkle, fur, draping, and details. Little details can have such a big lasting impact.

I'm not too sure how much I'll actually blog about my own wedding planning process - but today I was thinking about my dress and just had to let you know that I am declaring it the best part of the wedding planning process and I am very much looking forward to it. Oh, and styling my bridesmaids.

I also recommend every new bride to create a pinterest board where you can let your imagination run wild and pin everything that you like. It's such a great feeling to pin a bunch of ideas - it really helps a vision be created. You will notice that one or two themes really end up standing out. I also added some good friends & family to my board so that they could add in what they like and comment on my pins. After having no answers this past weekend for everyone who asked- I feel like some vision and answers are finally coming through. Check out my pinterest if you want to see what I have been pinning.