The Rules of Wedding Planning

My favorite part of the wedding planning process whether it is for clients or myself is checking items off the to-do list. It feels so good when you book the DJ you wanted, the perfect hair/make-up person; secure the ultimate venue, etc. The act of actually crossing off an item off the list – often requires mini celebrations and high-fives.

Here are some things I have learned about wedding planning (so far):

  1. Know what you want or at least pretend like you know what you want. Stick to it. Live it. Plan from it. Get others to buy into it.
  2. Make a list. Your own list. Write all of your ideas for your wedding down. Include everything from flow of the day, to décor, creative ideas, and song choices. Be thorough, extreme, and read and re-read this list.  Once it’s complete, narrow it down to a concise and organized plan.
  3. Tackle your list by delegating. Whether it be tasks for your lovely groom to handle, wedding party, or your wedding planner – hand over some tasks and champion them to do it. This helps.
  4. Be a team. You and your groom are the ultimate team. As long as you both are on the same page – everything will always be roses and butterflies – well hopefully!  You can stand up for each other – act as support – and ensure that your vision for the day remains your vision!
  5. Enjoy the wedding planning process. From the moment I have gotten engaged I have been told enjoy this time, it goes fast. Sheesh. I don’t want to think about it going fast – I love the planning process so much. But now thinking about it being January and my wedding in June – IT IS GOING TO COME QUICK!