Fashion & Beauty Resolution #1

It's a new year with new possibilities! I'm not one to make resolutions per say, but I do like to think about how I can shake up my fashion, style, and beauty when a new year presents itself. For the remainder of this week - I'm going to share with you my fashion & beauty resolutions for 2013.

My first beauty resolution is: WEAR MORE LIPSTICK

My plan is to wear lipstick more often. I'm not one who really ever wears lip gloss, chap stick, lip stick - I basically have been ignoring this area of my face with my beauty regime. This is the year that I am going to give it a whirl - I plan on trying different shades, brands, and any other lipstick variations that are out there!

I will report back on my faves, not so faves, and any other lipstick findings I may stumble upon.

Images: Harper's Bazaar