When it comes to fashion...

After seeing this pin on pinterest, it got me thinking:

So many times we are afraid to dress the way we want, push the limits, and prefer to conform to what we "should" be wearing. Everyone has a fashion moment that they can reflect on where they wore something, just to try it out, and then when out with friends, a significant, or with family  and you are called out on it, teased, or unnecessary comments come your way. Well, I'm here to tell you to push the limits, try out outfit combinations you haven't tried before, and to never lose your sparkle when it comes to fashion & style. The fashions you wear are an expression of you. Consider yourself an artist if you will, and play with the palette that is your closet. Most times, the best outfits, are the ones that are unexpected, are combinations you never thought of, or that leave you uncertain. Trust your cut and experiment.

When I work with my clients this is the big hurdle we always have to jump - pushing the limits, leaving their comfort zone, and trying something new. Once they make that leap and try new things - they learn to love their closet, the clothes in it and they feel more confident in how they look and dress. 

Again, when it comes to fashion, please don't lose your sparkle!

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