Beauty Resolution #2

So many times I mean to get a manicure or plan on painting my nails and then I run out of time and just paste a clear coat on my nails. Not this year, this year it's all about getting fun manicures! Yes, at times I am going to have to opt for a neutral nail (and this is actually on trend for 2013), but every now and then I am going to add some sparkle, metallics, and two-tone manicures into the mix! 

Seems like an easy resolution to tackle.

Yesterday, I wore lipstick in order to be in keeping with beauty resolution #1 - and what I have learned so far about lipstick is: You need a liner to go with it. It helps frame up the lip and make the lips more plump. I didn't have a liner for my lip colour I wore and it made my lips look a little wonky in shape. 

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar