Fashion Resolution #2

My 2nd fashion resolution is to look at friends (& family) for fashion inspiration. Honestly, my friends are pretty savvy fashion all-stars who make outfit combos that actually blow my mind. They know what works, how to push the envelope, and when to put a certain trend or fad away. 

The above photos are of my friend Kristen, we have been friends for over 26 years. She is like a sister to me! Her fashion sense is above par. She lives and works in London England and has access to the best of the best when it comes to the fashion world. Luckily, we have always been similar in shape and size - so sharing clothes has always worked out for us!

When Kristen came over for our annual Christmas visit (with living so far apart - seeing eachother often is difficult!) I fell in love with her outfit. The bag, the pants, the cape, and of course her beautiful smile! I had to share this outfit because all though she is in head to toe black, it's still a welcoming and warm outfit. Super chic for the holiday season. 

Anyways, Kristen is a super cool fashion photographer - check out her tumblr here: Finally We Are No One