Sunshine & Weekends

The days are getting a bit longer, the sun is starting to shine, yes it's a bit chilly out there - but overall - I feel Spring is just around the corner. Well, it better be at least! With regards to style and fashion I'm loving colour and florals - actually, I'm a bit obsessed with it! If you are out shopping this weekend, start adding some to your wardrobe...

This weekend is full of sunny activities for me...

The gym (ok not really sunny - but I'm pretending it is!)

House hunting

Shopping with a super cool client to add some Spring to her wardrobe, through bright colours, pattern, florals, and flowy clothing pieces

Celebrating two super fabulous friends for their bdays' (see picture below - it's a way back play back!)

And of course a Super Bowl Party!

I hope you have a sunny weekend!

xo Lu