Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Planning + The Best Tip Ever

Planning your honeymoon is a bit more challenging then one would think, especially if you are someone who travels often. My fiancé and I have done some pretty amazing trips in the past and planning our honeymoon definitely has been a challenge. We basically want to go everywhere and choosing one or two places to go is very tricky.

We have decided. Finally. After many conversations, debates, research, and feedback from friends, family, and whoever is basically willing to discuss the topic with us.

Through this experience, I have thought of some worthwhile tips for those who are planning their honeymoon and things to consider:

1.     Make a list of everywhere you could possibly want to go.

2.     Decide if you want to go right after your wedding or wait.

3.     What do you want your honeymoon to be? Do you want total relaxation on the beach, an active honeymoon, or both?

4.     Determine your budget.

5.     Figure out based on your list, which destinations are “in season”, have the weather you are looking for, meet your criteria for what you want out of a honeymoon, and which fit your budget.

6.     Use a travel agent. Seriously. You have so much other stuff going on – it makes the process so much easier! If you really want to do it yourself – this might be a good job for your partner.

7.     Once you make your descision – stick to it!

 I recently read an article on the blog, “A Cup of Jo” on packing for your honeymoon – and the tip I read was genius:

Pack in a single colour scheme. It allows you to pack more efficiently and leaves you able to mix and match easily. Also, pack a red dress – because it looks dramatic in photos.

I loved this tip and will definitely be taking it into consideration on my honeymoon. I’ve already started to collect clothing that I feel is “honeymoon” appropriate. I’m going for the total resort look. Bring on the brights, flowy dresses, and of course some vintage cut-offs. 

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