Coco Chanel: An Inspiration

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Coco Chanel is probably my biggest inspiration besides Rachel Zoe when it comes to fashion & style. She is a French fashion designer and creator of the Coco Chanel Brand. According to wikipedia, she was the only fashion designer to appear on Time's Magazine's list of the 100 most influencial people in the 20th century. 

I love everything she represents. I first learned of Coco Chanel from my mother as she was a Coco fan herself, always smelling of Chanel N5 - the world's most legendary fragrance. 

Coco was a determined, bright, and driven opportunitst. She was and still is an obvious fashion icon that will live on for years and years, and most likely forever. 

What I admire about her style is how she mixes basics with feminine details. When you analyze her outfits, it was more about the details, and not so much about a specific garment. She loved hats, belts, jewellery, and layered that over the basic Parisian ensemble.