My secret boards...

So I love the ability to have secret boards on Pinterest. I created two different secret boards (and they aren't really even a secret), but wanted a place where my photographer and I could pin inspiration for photo ideas at the wedding (Wedding Photography Board), and an area where I could pin inspiration of outfits for our honeymoon (Style By Lu Honeymoonship Board). 

Above is a glimpse of my wedding photography board. I really want to make sure that our photographer (who is awesome by the way!) captures real moments from the day, and not just posed photographs. I want to have pictures of people talking, laughing, dancing, and who knows what else! I want the pictures to be fun, creative, and a bit editorial. The wedding day seems to be quickly approaching and now that I have finally nailed down my inspiration for the day - and have the best vendors on my side - I'm feeling really excited and can't wait to have all our friends and family for two full days of wedding fun!

I cannot wait for our honeymoon. Some time away from all the craziness with my new husband and I. We are really good travelers together. We like and dislike the same things. If we could travel together 24/7 - we probably would! When I think about my honeymoon style I already know a few items are a must:

  • denim cut-offs
  • lots of white
  • silk dress shirts
  • statement necklaces
  • loose fitting t-shirts
  • cute dresses for both day and night

Planning a wedding is actually really fun. I'm used to planning other people's weddings and really happy that I am now on the other side and able to experience the various emotions that come along with planning.

What I have learned so far is that before all else, you and your fiance need to be a team. You need to stick together and make decisions together. When you get push back from family about a certain decision, having you both as a united front is best.

I've also learned that securing the right vendors is key. Find the best of the best, a vendor you feel comfortable with and one that has similar vision to yours. This helps eliminate a lot of back and forth and enables you to be able to have confidence in their abilities and trust them wholly. 

Let people celebrate you. People get really excited about a couple who are ready to tie the knot - so let them be!