Parisian Home Decor & Fashion

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I love Paris! Everything about it! The chic women and men, the fashion, the architecture, the food, and the overall atmosphere. Before travelling to Paris - I was told that I may not enjoy it, people are rude, and I will want to hurry on to Italy. I felt the opposite. I could live there. There was something cozy, romantic, and fancy about Paris that spoke to me. 

When I think about my own home decor style - I try to bring in Parisian inspiration. Starting with the fresh white walls as your base and then begin layering textures, patterns, and colours. Add touches of gold and finish off with a touch of flowers!

Dressing like a chic Parisian women is something many non-parisian women have been trying to replicate for years. There is something elegant and classic in their wardrobe. 

Here are five ways to start dressing Parisian Chic:

1. Show your ankles - wear ankle length trousers or jeans with sky high stiletto heels

2. Add a statement piece - be it a nice hand bag, scarf, necklace, or jacket

3. Wear sunglasses

4. Look impossibly understated - keep it minimal and avoid a dress code

5. Stick to neutrals