Searching for Art

I have started to post more and more about my new house. I'm excited to furnish it, design it, and really make it our own. I'm going to bring you all along for the journey. Share with you what I like, don't like, things I find, what I DIY, and definitely before and afters.

When we moved into our condo - I bought everything before moving in. I don't suggest this. A lot of the stuff I bought in theory would work really well for the condo - but once you actually live in the space and function in your every day life, you quickly realize what items just don't work the way you thought they would. Anyway, for the new house- I am waiting. Waiting until we move in. So right now, I am brainstorming if you will. Today's brainstorm was art work for the new house. A must if you ask me!

Cool links I found that help with creating an art gallery:

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