The Perfect Up-Do's

I can't even count the amount of times I have rocked horrific up-do's. I look back at pictures and I can't stop laughing. At the time, I thought they were chic, timeless, and super on trend. Boy, was I wrong. I think that happens with everything though; fashion, hair, + beauty change and evolve that it makes the pictures you look back on seem out of date. What is cool now, isn't always cool a few years down the road!

Lately, the trend for weddings or events is very simple hair - usually left down, natural, and not fussed with. What happened to getting a really great up-do? I think if you do the proper research and find a style that works with your dress, face shape, and hair - an up-do can look really nice instead of leaving your locks free. I think the key to a good up-do is a confident hair stylist, do your research (so don't just pick out an up-do from a magazine or ancient hair book from the salon you just walked into for the appointment), leave your hair un-washed so that it is easier to manage, and lots of moveable hairspray.

Up-do's don't need to include 100 bobbi pins anymore. They can be simple pony-tails, braids, or top-knots. 

For your wedding are you wearing your hair up or down? What are your bridesmaids doing?